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  • Hairstyling Pricing
    Maximum 6 Hair Services Unavailable for Waiheke Weddings Pricing is in $NZ - please read the below requirements before making an enquiry. WEDDING DAY HAIRSTYLING OPTIONS - see inclusions/exclusions below $650 - Up to x4 hair / allow 3.5hrs $780 - 5 hair / allow 4 hrs $930 - 6 Hair / allow 5hrs A MINIMUM SERVICE FEE of $650 is required (per day booked) to secure the hairstyling services of Natalie Dent. The same minimum fee applies to all booking sizes. A BOOKING FEE of $350 (per day booked) of the wedding day invoice is required to secure Natalie Dent's hairstyling services and is deducted from the wedding day total (not including the bridal hair preview fee). This fee is strictly non-refundable/non-transferable. The final balance is due one week prior to the booking date. Inclusions Hairstyling for anyone I am booked for on your wedding day Bride extension prep / application if any, supplied by the client Adding any hair pins/flowers to any style Any hair padding required to add to any up-styles Any face framing needed to finish the style/s Exclusions Bridal Hair Preview, additional hair extension/prep and applications, travel, parking both on street/or if within a hotel and any other fee stated below. Veil placement unless done directly after all hair services have been completed otherwise Natalie will show one of your bridal party how to place this in. See veil placement option below. Additional Hair Extension 'Prep and Application' - 30pp Hair Extensions are supplied by the client/s. Add Veil placement - $100 per hour if I am to stay at the preparation location to apply the veil after all hair is completed. Typically this may be done up to one hour after hair is complete upon departure for the ceremony or once the bridal party are dressed depending on your schedule. Please advise so I am able to consider this in my timing and add the additional fee to your invoice. BRIDAL HAIR PREVIEW - 180 per style / bride only service* to trial your style Paid at time of service, not included in the wedding day invoice. Held between Monday - Thursday morning 9am - 12pm ONLY. Location Natalie's home studio in Riverhead, Auckland Allow 1hr - 1.5hr per style *Please attend your bridal preview alone so I am able to solely focus on you. - Includes Hair extension 'Prep and Application' if style requires / supplied by client Any hair accessory / veil / hair padding required Photos will be taken of your completed style for reference. OTHER FEES Travel - $1 per km return via car / tolls / other travel / accommodation / fees may apply depending on location. A minimum of $50 travel via car applies Hotel Prep - Valet parking to be paid for and organized by the client before my arrival. Other parking fees i.e on street parking where valet is not available will be charged to the client. Overnight stay required - For bookings which require Natalie to stay overnight please advise as this will incur additional fees. Bank Wire Transfer - A $45NZ fee PER TRANSFER applies if paying from an overseas account prior to payment so it can be included on your invoice/s. Other important information - To add more services/fees or extras such as hair extension 'prep/applicaton fee' than originally booked please advise before the wedding day so I can factor this into my timing and add to your final invoice. Should anyone want these applied on the day that I am unaware of this will cause delays and will need to be paid for online at the time of service. - To make a booking and for further information about pricing and full terms and conditions please enquire via my website contact form. - Please include as much detail as possible relevant to your booking. ie number of hairstyling services and who requires them ie bride, bridesmaids, ceremony time, preparation and venue locations and attach a hair reference if you have one or give an indication of what hairstyles each person will require if known so I can determine correct pricing and timing for all services. Pricing is subject to change however upon paying your 'booking fee' for your chosen date the pricing remains the same from when you first enquired. Keeping our communication via email helps me keep track of all of the above information in one place.
  • Maximum number of hair services
    - x6 hair services is the maximum I am able to complete and depends on the complexity of hairstyles I am to create as I do not use assistants as such. If you have made a booking for up to 4 services but require 1 or 2 more to be added please advise as this must be added and paid for before the wedding day and agreed upon by Natalie Dent.
  • Does my hairstyle require hair extensions?
    Hair extensions are a great way to add volume or length to a hairstyle as well as add longevity to certain styles. If I think the style require would be more achievable with extensions I will advise. Ie. if you have fine hair and wish to wear it down these will help make the style last the distance. If you are unsure if this is something you might need I ask for a photo of your hair from the back/front and a discription or photo reference of the style you are wishing to achieve. I can then advise on what I think would work best. It may be that you want a low bun but just need it to be fuller and we can use some hair padding instead. As I do not rent or supply hair extensions I refer my clients to Superior Hair on Symonds St, CBD to purchase them in store. This way you can be colour matched perfectly after your final wedding day hair colour and cut is done if you plan to do so if not before. An additional 15 mins will be added to any hair service requiring extensions to be added. My pricing allows for x1 set of extensions to be prepped and applied. Please see the fee for this service under pricing if there is more than one person requiring this service to be added on.
  • Booking your wedding day hairstyling services
    Once you have read the pricing and wedding information you can make an enquiry via my contact form stating all of the relevant details for your special day. I am available for hair services only for weddings not makeup. I will respond asap to let you know if I am available and then send through a wedding information booklet with my full Term's and Condition's. Should you choose to go ahead with booking my hairstyling services I will send through an invoice for the services I will provide on your wedding day, showing the booking fee to pay to secure your chosen date/s. By paying this fee you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the wedding information booklet sent out upon enquiry. Only upon receiving this fee will your booking be secure. I am unable to hold pencil bookings for any amount of time due to turning other work away. Closer to the time of the wedding I will contact you to organize your bridal hair preview. I will create a timeline for hair based on your ceremony time / if you are having pre-ceremony (full bridal party or first look) or just getting ready photos typically done at the prep location / taking into account travel time between prep and your ceremony or pre-ceremony locations if any. Any extra hairstyling services added after the initial invoice need to be known prior to your wedding day and agreed upon by myself so I can adjust my timing and confirm I am able to complete the extra services also. Note I have a max of 6 hair services for all wedding day bookings. Two weeks prior to your wedding date I will email through your final wedding day invoice which is to be paid in full no later than one week before your booking date. I will confirm the event details I have for you are correct also.
  • Bridal Hair Preview Bookings FAQS
    Held during the weekdays ONLY between Monday and Thursdays 9am - 12pm at my home studio in Riverhead, Auckland. I am unavailable outside of these times. Due to the nature of my work being freelance I may need to move a preview booking. I do try to avoid this however on occasion I may need to do so. - Previews are provided for BRIDES ONLY and are not included in the minimum service fee. - Please attend your bridal hair preview alone so I am able to fully focus on you. - It is the perfect time to discuss and try out your desired style, talk about your wedding day in more detail and is the perfect time for us to meet. - I will contact you closer to your wedding to book in your bridal hair preview which is typically done 2 - 6 weeks out from your wedding date. - Please allow 1.5hrs for x1 hairstyle and 2 hours for more complex styles - To be paid at the time of service via online banking and is non-refundable. - If you wish to try more than one hairstyle additional fees/time apply/advise before booking - If you choose to book a bridal hair preview before booking your wedding date this will need to be done within 24 hours of enquiry and is dependent on availability as I may have other enquiries for the same date and am unable hold pencil bookings. BEFORE YOU ATTEND YOUR BRIDAL HAIR PREVIEW Email through your hair references before we meet. Not all hairstyles are suited to every hair type or face shape please take this into consideration when choosing your style. We will discuss these on the day of your preview and decide what will suit you and your hair best. - It is helpful for me to know your wedding style ie romantic, modern, classic etc and will give me an indication of how your overall feel of your wedding day will be and if your hairstyle will match this and the style of makeup your artist is doing. - The night before please wash your hair TWICE with shampoo and once with conditioner on mid-lengths to ends using a good quality brand suitable for your hair type if unsure please ask. - If the hair has natural oil or product build up it can be difficult to style. - Blow wave your hair smooth and straighten if asked, if unsure about hair prep please ask. - Bring along a photo of your wedding gown / garment you will be wearing, hair extensions if required, hair accessories or veil / so we can make sure the placement works. - Wearing white/cream or other colour you may be wearing on your wedding day as well as makeup to your bridal hair preview will give you a better indication of the overall look and how well it works together. AT YOUR BRIDAL HAIR PREVIEW - Bridal Hair Previews take up to 1.5hrs/2 hrs depending on your chosen style / hair type. - Arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to ensure I run on time for following clients. - We will discuss your hair references you have sent through and what will look best with your wedding day outfit, your face shape and when to cut/colour your hair before the wedding if required. If you are unsure about hair extensions we will discuss this also if you do not have them with you. - I will take notes of any further information about your wedding day we discuss. - I will take photos of your hair as a reference and make a note of products/tools used to create your final style and email them to you if required. - Sometimes I post preview photos to social media but will only do so once your wedding day has past. - I ask that you come to the bridal hair preview appointment by yourself so I am able to give you my full attention. - Should you choose to have another preview on a different date as you are unsure if you want to try a different style the same fee applies and is subject to my availability.
  • Who creates my wedding day timeline for hair?
    I will create a timeline for the hairstyling services I am providing and email this to you after your preview if not before. - I generally allow approximately 45-60min per service dependent on each hairstyle and a buffer for any minor delays. - 15mins pp will be added for any hair extensions to be prepped/applied - Hair will be completed one hour before departing for your pre-ceremony photos or your ceremony. This gives you time to relax, have a few 'getting ready' photos and to get dressed. - I will show your bridesmaid or MOB how to apply the veil if required unless a veil placement fee has been paid for as mentioned within pricing where I stay back at the prep location to apply the veil once you are dressed. Please advise. - Ensure everyone having hair done is ready for their timeslot so there are no unnecessary delays. - Hair is required to be WASHED/CLEAN and DRIED/COMBED/BRUSHED prior to the hair service. Anyone having a blow wave service can have damp hair. * Pre - ceremony photos are full bridal party or 'first look' photos between the bride and groom often off-site. This will need to be factored into your hair schedule and will need to start earlier than usual. Please discuss with your photographer if you are choosing this option.
  • Hairstyle references
    - Please send me any hair references for your bridal party/others so I have an idea of what each person is having. If your bridal party are having the same hairstyle I will adjust it accordingly to suit them while maintaining a similar look. It is important everyone feels happy and comfortable throughout the day. - If their is anyone with particularly thick/long/frizzy/curly/fine hair please let me know so I can adjust my timing to suit and advise on hair prep if needed.
  • On your wedding day
    YOUR WEDDING DAY IS HERE! - Everyone has washed/dried their hair the night before ready for me to start my hairstyling services. (See tip below) - All dresses have been steamed (so as not to ruin the beautiful and timely work that has gone into making you all look and feel amazing!) - You have allocated a space for myself to work in that is well lit, preferably natural light with fresh air / good ventilation, with a socket for my hot tools to plug into and a dining chair with a low back if possible. I carry both extension leads and a foldable chair incase. - You have all chosen your hairstyles and have a picture reference available for me to look at if not emailed prior. - Hair extensions needing to be applied to have ready and are clean/dry. Any hair extensions I am not aware of that need to be applied will cause delay. These will be required to be paid for on the day if not I am unaware. TIP - Please ensure anyone who is having hair done has washed their hair the night before (TWO shampoos and condition mid lengths/ends only) , blow dry smooth and straighten if asked/combed/brushed. Please do not tie the hair up/or air dry over night. Extra blow dry time to be done will cause delays. Any questions about anyone's hair please ask ie fine or super curly/frizzy hair. - Please ensure there is someone ready to have their hair done when I arrive and each person there after is ready for their allocated time to prevent me from running late. - I will arrive 10 - 15mins prior to the time I start to set up before the first service. To set up for hair I require a dining chair with a low back, a power point for my hot tools, a table to set up, preferably in a well lit room with natural light by a window in a clean smoke free/vape free environment. Please allow parking close by for myself as often I have a few bags, lighting and a chair if needed. - Once I have completed all of the services I will do any hair adjustments of the services I am booked for before departing. - Veil placement - if required and depending on your hairstyle I will either place this in during your hair service or before I depart once hair touch-ups are completed. If you have chosen to have it put in after you are dressed just before leaving or at your venue so as not to crease it I will show one of your bridal party how to place it in securely unless the veil placement option has been chosen. NB during the day I often take photos/videos of the work I do for social media purposes of which I will post after your wedding ceremony.
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