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Welcome to my hairstyling workshops!

I love to share knowledge and connect with other like minded people.

My teaching style is of a relaxed nature where you will be able to learn new techniques and create current styles so you feel more confident when styling your clients hair for their wedding day or special event. 

Bridal Hairstyling                 Education

Sony Hall Photography , Model Georgie Vossen  @Red11, @ Society 

These workshops are tailored specifically to suit each group of artists or a one on one session. We will cover hair products I use, hot/tools and what works best for each hair type/face shape. I will demo two hairstyles and then you will get the opportunity to recreate these depending on the workshop I am booked for. It is also a chance to discuss any questions you may have around hair styling and the wedding industry.

For more information on my workshops and what they involve please enquire via my contact page.


I can accommodate two people if required.

Session durations : 4 hours 

Location : Riverhead, Auckland

Date/Time : Weekdays between the hours of 9:30am - 1:30pm 

Investment : $390 (1:1) or $300pp (two person)

Snacks and refreshments provided.

Stylists/artists may use one of my mannequin training head if required and have your own hair kit.

No model required. Please enquire if you are unsure about what you will need to attend a session.

"I had a one on one session with Natalie and found it so helpful.

I picked up lots of tips that will refine my skills and improve my work. I believe there is always something new to learn

in our industry and having a lesson with Natalie is a great way to continue your education. Natalie is so lovely, professional

and welcoming and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend her workshops."

1:1 Session - Charlotte Lindsay Sales


"Natalie thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge with me during our one on one hair workshop.

You were exactly what I was looking for, a professional and experienced hairstylist to learn tips and tricks to upskill my

hair styles and to build my confidence doing hair as well as gaining more product knowledge.

It has been so helpful and I can't wait for other workshops. Thankyou again!

1:1 Session - Jessica Hilliar



Invite me to your salon...

Look & Learn and hands-on workshops are limited up to 5 stylists only this ensures I can give enough time to each person while they are recreating the hairstyles I have shown them. Look and learn workshops can have up to 10 students.

Salon sessions to commence on days when your salon closed. Snacks/refreshments provided.

Salon group sessions - stylists require their own hair kit, model or mannequin training head. 

Please enquire if you are unsure about what you will need to attend a session.

Location: Your Salon

Date/Time: Between Monday - Sunday / 10am - 5pm


Look & Learn + Hands-on x6 hr session / 5pax @$450pp 

Look and Learn x4 hr session /2 - 10pax  @$350pp 

Travel Fee - POA 

"Thankyou for the incredible workshop yesterday! It was amazing to have you come into our salon and we all took

so much away from it. I absolutely loved your technique for creating softness with the hair around the face -

We can't wait for my next client to put it all into practice now! Very inspiring!"

Group Session - Biba Salon - Avril Maleham

"Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience at your workshop.

It is always an amazing opportunity to be able to watch a professional hands on and be able to

learn some of all those tips and tricks that come from years and years of experience.

You were really helpful, nice, warm and welcoming. You created a beautiful environment to learn."

Group Session - Jose Noriega


Special thanks to photographer Madly Studio, model Georgia @Red11, location Society 

"Thankyou so much for the hair up workshop. I learnt so many tips and techniques that I am using all the time now.

Your teaching style was excellent and I left feeling inspired. I am looking forward to the next one and would

definitely recommend the workshop to others!" - Group Session - Julia O'Neill


"Watching the demo of a few different styles and then doing it hands on with you aiding us was exactly what I needed. I feel I understand the flow of my styling as well as products alot better." Group session - Ruth Baron


"I love Natalie’s work and was excited to have the opportunity to attend her hair workshop.

It was a lovely relaxed environment with a comfortable number of people.

Natalie’s demonstrations were very informative and we had time to have a go

ourselves also. I’m looking forward to the next one."

 Group Session - Kate Wilcox


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